Jim Carrey celebrates his birthday with an iconic comedy dinner

The who's who of comedy.

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The actor celebrated his 62nd birthday with an all-star party with a cast of stars including Adam Sandler and David Spade entitled ‘The Laughter Dinner‘.

In this sense, Spade wanted to immortalise this iconic moment by sharing a snapshot posing with other friends and comedians at Carrey’s birthday dinner staged on a West Hollywood restaurant.

For his part, comedian Jeff Ross also shared a series of photos of the party on Instagram, revealing the rest of the famous faces such as Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Green, Howie Mandel, Craig Robinson, Ben Schwartz, Cary Elwes or Paul Vincent.

The internet community, of course, freaked out about this comedy dinner party that brought together many legends at the same table, somehow evoking an updated and sarcastic version of Da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’ fresco.