Jason Momoa launches a limited edition Aquaman-inspired water bottle

The actor owns a water brand and has just launched a limited edition inspired by 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom', which opens this Christmas.

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Jason Momoa, known for his Aquaman character, has his own brand of water. The actor took advantage of the pull of the saga to launch Mananalú, a water brand characterized by an aluminum bottle to eliminate single-use plastics. The name comes from ‘Mana’, which means “the sacred spirit of life” and ‘Nalu’ means “a powerful wave that pushes through the ocean”. The Hawaiian artist founded this brand with the intention of protecting our oceans, just as his fictional character does.

Taking advantage of the fact that this Christmas the new film in the saga, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, arrives in theaters, Momoa has created a limited edition Aquaman bottle, which features a trident inspired by the one the superhero uses to protect the seas, as well as coming with a gold cap. “This bottle is about more than just the movie. Because protecting our oceans depends on all of us,” explodes Jason Momoa, to which he adds, “every time you drink any bottle of Mananalu, you’re protecting the oceans.”

Mananalú currently offers four flavors: Pure, Pink Grapefruit, Tahitian Lime and Lilikoi Passion. It is a water made without sweeteners, calories or bubbles, and only a touch of natural flavor essence with added electrolytes for flavor. The 6-bottle pack costs about 28 € on the brand’s website.