Iconic table from ‘The Sopranos’ has sold for $82K at eBay auction

The table remembered from the last episode of ‘The Sopranos’ received 238 offers until it was sold for this astronomical figure.

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There are series that never go out of fashion and one of them is and will be The Sopranos. The story of Tony and Co. is still in the minds of many people and it has been demonstrated in the latest action carried out by Holsten’s ice cream parlor, which until yesterday owned one of the most iconic pieces of furniture of The Sopranos: the table that appears in the last chapter, which has now been sold by auction through eBay.

Holsten’s, after 60 years, has decided to renovate its furnishings, including the table where one of the final scenes of the series, which aired in 2007, takes place. Since then, the ice cream parlor had been visited by numerous fans who wanted to sit at the same table as Tony Soprano (because that table was part of the real furniture).

The Soprano’s table auction received 238 bids

To give fans of the series a bonus, the owner of the coffee shop, Chris Carley, decided to put the famous table up for auction via eBay a week ago. The Soprano kit included the table, the two red leather banquettes, the dividing wall and a plaque that reads “Reserved for the Soprano family.” With no pretense other than an anecdotal launch, Carley was surprised by the flood of offers he received in just a few days. In just 24 hours, the price was already at 32,000 dollars and, after receiving 238 offers, finally on Monday, March 4, the final sale was announced for no less than 82,600 dollars (about 76,000 euros). For the moment, the identity of the buyer has not been revealed.

Although the venue will no longer possess the iconic table, it will still maintain the essence with virtually the same décor. “It won’t really look any different. It would be hard to realize that we changed everything. I’m sorry to see this go, but it’s about time,” Carley explained, referring to the fact that he had kept the same furniture since 1970.

Would you have bid at auction to get your hands on the iconic table from The Sopranos?