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The Instagram trend based on modernizing traditional desserts through innovative techniques and retro aesthetics is now also transferred to TikTok through the decoration of vintage cakes, often represented as edible reflections of contemporary architecture.

Pastry, art and design now merge in myriad iterations of archived cakes within the social platform’s new trend. A series of sculpted versions inspired by the glamour and glitz of the mid-18th century French Rococo era now revered by the children of FOMO.

It is a whole constellation of cakes that are characterized by being decorated with ruffles or delicate pastel colors that evoke those ethereal vintage cakes that popularly resurfaced in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, and are now reinterpreted within the modern pastry culture led by the new generations.

Vintage cake design is thus eternalized in time, in the form of baked works in heart-shaped silhouettes, covered with cherries and pearls made with icing, as well as embellished with piping. An emerging trend on the Internet of grandiose creations elevated on several floors, adorned with flowers and elegant cursive letters, which could perfectly be served in fairy tale gardens or on the romantic tables of vintage movies, but which now gain relevance among the immensity of TikTok content.

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