Here’s Hailey Bieber’s new cooking show

The celebrity has also joined the trend of creating foodie content on her YouTube channel.
Hailey Bieber y su programa de cocina en Youtube

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The world of cooking and the world of celebrities is a recurring theme. There are a lot of TV shows hosted by celebrities and whose common thread is cooking. One of the latest to join this trend is Hailey Bieber, who has created her show ‘What’s In My Kitchen’ on her own YouTube channel. We tell you what it consists of and what recipes she makes.

Hailey’s content is filmed in the kitchen of her own home, a 25 million euro mansion where she lives with her husband, singer Justin Bieber. In each episode, the celebrity prepares a recipe with different companions. For example, in the last one, she invited her mother and grandmother to teach her the recipe for pao de queijo, which is very popular in Brazil. According to Hailey herself, it is one of her favourite recipes that her grandmother used to prepare for her when she was a little girl.

A real foodie

In another of the videos, the influencer proposes two different breakfasts: one for when you’re in a hurry to go out and another for when you have a little more time to prepare something sweet and delicious. In reality, his ‘What’s in my kitchen’ programme is a kind of spin-off of another format he already does on his channel, entitled ‘Who’s in my bathroom’, in which Bieber sets up a kind of dining room in the bathroom and invites a friend over for a snack and a chat. Ashley Graham, Elizabeth Banks and Charlotte Lawrence have also been there, having a pizza, a slab of butter or a wine tasting while having a good time.

But these are not the only foodie contents in Hailey’s networks. In her channels we can also find recipes for toasted pizza, creamy Tuscan pasta or smoothies and even cooking with Justin Bieber. It is also common for her to share stories enjoying gastronomic experiences in different restaurants.