From Dabiz Muñoz to the Roca brothers: these are the gastro figures of the Museo de Cera

The DiverXO chef has been the last to be released in the wax universe. We review other faces of gastronomy that also have their own figure.

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If you have your own figure in a Wax Museum it is because you really are an important person. Personalities from all fields and sectors are already exhibited in different museums around the world. From the monarchy to sportsmen, singers, politicians and, of course, chefs. The last one to release his particular wax figure has been Dabiz Muñoz.

El mediático cocinero estrenó orgulloso su particular escultura en el Museo de Cera de Madrid, que viene representada por uno de los gestos más icónicos de Muñoz. Para esta ocasión especial, estuvo acompañado de su mujer Cristina Pedroche (que también tiene su propia figura) y otros amigos como Miki Nadal. Pero no es el único rostro del mundo de la gastronomía que está expuesto en este museo.

In 2021, the Roca brothers also got their own wax figures at the Museo de Cera de Barcelona, as if they were in the kitchens of El Celler de Can Roca.

That same year, important names from the world of gastronomy also joined the Maestros de la Cocina room at the Barcelona Wax Museum. Ferran Adrià, Carme Ruscalleda and Jordi Cruz joined the Roca family in this parallel wax universe, to the delight of all visitors. In addition, the jackets worn by the figures were donated by the chefs themselves.

Another very important figure in the culinary world of Barcelona also has a wax representation. It is Joan Bayen, the creator of Bar Pinotxo and king of La Boqueria, who passed away just a few months ago. Now, the mythical Barcelona character will be present for everyone at the Wax Museum of Barcelona, located near La Boqueria.

Not all wax figures represent real characters from the world of gastronomy. The iconic Ratatouille is also present in the cooking section, to the delight of fans of the movie.