From Botín’s cochinillo to Santerra’s croquette: Madrid publishes a book with 100 iconic recipes of the capital city

The Madrid City Council, together with the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Madrid (ACYRE), has published a book with 100 iconic recipes of Madrid with a stop at its markets.

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We could say that Madrid is living its gastronomic splendor, both in haute cuisine and traditional cuisine and even in the format of the markets. Taking advantage of this situation, the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of Madrid (ACYRE), in collaboration with the City Council of the capital, has published the book 100 iconic recipes of Madrid with a stop at its markets, which reviews some of the most legendary dishes of the capital with special emphasis on the market stalls, which have acquired so much culinary value in recent years.

This is an appetizing walk through the markets of Madrid, the gastronomy of the capital and some parts of the region, both gustatory and historical.

El cochinillo asado de Botín, la receta de Rubén Manzaneque.

Thus, the publication makes a selection of a hundred iconic recipes so varied from the Madrid scene, ranging from Botín’s roast suckling pig, Tripea’s hot mussel Cebiche, Yoka Loka’s Kakuni or Sacha’s tortilla vaga. In its more than 200 pages, one hundred professional chefs and pastry chefs with a strong presence in the Madrid scene share their most outstanding recipes.

The book divides the recipes into several sections: Market, Gastronomic, Mythical, Historical, Adopted, Sweet and Innovative. In addition, it also includes the recommendations of some renowned chefs such as Pepa Muñoz about their favorite stalls in Madrid’s markets.

The presentation of the book, which was attended by numerous faces of Madrid’s gastronomy and was sponsored by the mayor of the city, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, took place at the Villaverde Market. The book can be downloaded in pdf format free of charge, as well as in print format in the participating markets.