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The online booking platform The Fork has once again drawn up its list of the 100 favourite restaurants of 2022 for its users, based on criteria such as the scores obtained on its network, opinions and reservations generated. And this year the first place has been taken by the restaurant Casa Marcial, in Asturias, run by chefs Esther and Nacho Manzano. From one year to the next, this establishment has climbed 16 positions on the list, becoming the favourite restaurant according to The Fork users in 2022.

Casa Marcial is an old eating house located in the village of La Salgar, very close to Arriondas (Asturias), which has become a reference point for Asturian gastronomy and one of the most prestigious restaurants in Spain, staying true to its roots with a renewed traditional cuisine. It has 2 Michelin stars and its main philosophy is to continue “playing, creating and having fun like the first day, so that our customers and friends enjoy themselves and feel at home”, they explain on their website.

They offer two menus: Nordeste Pienzu, for €190 plus €75 with wine pairing; and Nordeste Vega, for €145 and €60 with optional wine pairing. His gastronomic proposal is an extension of his way of understanding life, using location and tradition as a starting point to create his own culinary language. Furthermore, Nacho’s cuisine is based on respect for local produce, sustainable production and techniques that favour the immediacy of the preparations. Specialities include turbot with asparagus, Beurre Blanc and pine nut praline, rice with Pitu de Caleya, slices of Frisian beef and buttermilk or Frisian beef sirloin, root vegetables and Codium butter, among others.

The Top 3 favourite restaurants according to The Fork are completed by The Alchemix – Gastro Cocktail Bar (Barcelona), in second place, and the podium is closed by Sánchez-Beato in Toledo.

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