The everyday life of fruit and vegetables through Sofie Sund’s photographs

Norwegian photographer Sofie Sund has made fruit and vegetables one of the leitmotifs of her work, capturing everyday moments that we tend to overlook.
Sofie Sund - fotografías alimentos

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Sofie Sund is a Norwegian photographer who says that for as long as she can remember she has always been attracted to art. She started working with photography in 2008, with a small digital camera. Then, one day, her father lent her his DSLR (digital SLR), and that’s when she completely fell in love with the medium. “I felt that the possibilities with photography were endless and very exciting. I could capture important moments, but also create things from my imagination. Since then, photography has been a big part of my life,” explains Sofie.

He gradually studied the work of other photographers and learned from them, such as Vivian Maier, Viviane Sassen and Cho Gi Seok, who are among his favourites. “They have very different styles of photography, but they all inspire me in many ways,” he recalls, adding: “Another person who is also a source of ideas is Wes Anderson, the film director. The first time I saw one of his films he left a big impression on me. I think his films really influenced me at the time when I was discovering my own photographic style”.

However, Sofie says that, apart from her references, she finds much of the inspiration for her work in her surroundings, especially in nature. “Feelings and memories are also a very important part of my work“, she adds: “One of the reasons I fell in love with photography was because I felt that I could finally express my feelings in a way that suited me.

And in that search for a visual language he started working with food, especially fruit and vegetables. “Colours, shapes and textures inspire me a lot, and there are so many details and colours in fruits and vegetables, you can find so many different and interesting shapes… They are like little sculptures created by nature. They are like little sculptures created by nature, and I love to capture their little details and uniqueness with a playful and delicate touch”.

The artist says that the photos in this series are about the small moments and objects of everyday life. Moments that sometimes pass us by quickly and we forget to “notice”, but that in many ways fill our days. “They are the little ‘in-between moments’, as I like to call them. I want the viewer to feel something when looking at my photos, and I want them to wonder and think about the beautiful little details in their own lives,” concludes the Norwegian artist.