This is the menu served at the Oscars 2023 awards

The exclusive menu by chef Wolfgang Puck, which was served after the Oscars gala, included options for all tastes: from vegan dishes to exotic recipes.
Menú de los premios Oscars 2023

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In the 95th edition of the Oscars there were many great moments and one of the big winners was the film ‘Everything Everywhere at Once’, which won the statuette for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Screenplay, among others. During this year’s gala there were no controversies like the previous one, although they did make reference to Will Smith’s slap, among other anecdotes. But what happened at the end of the gala? After the ceremony, a dinner was prepared after the gala, the menu of which was prepared by chef Wolfgang Puck, who has been in charge of this event for almost 30 years.

Together with his team from Wolfgang Puck Catering, the Austrian chef prepared an extensive menu called the Oscars® Governors Ball Menu, which included dishes of all kinds to please all the discerning palates that attended the evening. Of course, there were vegan and vegetarian options, up to a total of 22 dishes. And also gluten free, dairy free and nut free.

From a section of hors d’oeuvres where guests could taste delicacies such as spicy tuna tartar, miso and sesame cone, mini burgers with cheddar and beet, a Lobster dog or pea falafel with hummus, among others. On the ‘savory bites’ side, the Oscars menu offered homemade pretzels, truffled popcorn with gold dust or roasted nuts with rosemary, cayenne, sea salt and brown sugar.

Also hot and cold dishes

Attendees had a bar to order poke, sushi and seafood on the spot. In addition, the huge variety of hot dishes ranged from baked potato with caviar to chicken pie with black truffles, artichoke soup with black truffle or baked macaroni and cheese. Cold dishes included baby beets with goat cheese yogurt, salted granola, citrus and bitter greens, salads, Oscar-shaped smoked salmon and a host of vegetables.

In the dessert area, the chef also created a wide variety of dishes, including Oscar cappuccino and caramel lollipops, raspberry and lemon sable Panna Cotta, macarons and different cakes and chocolates. You can consult the complete Oscars menu here.

During the gala, a food box was available to attendees.

As he did a few years ago, gala host Jimmy Kimmel prepared a box of food – customized with his image – for attendees to snack on during the ceremony, which included, among other things, a pretzel from Shappy Pretzel Co, owned by actor Adam Shapiro.