This Cheetos chapel has been the new wedding sensation in Las Vegas

Right now the trendiest thing to do in Las Vegas is to organize a wedding themed on the famous Cheetos, even in their own chapel.

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You know the saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. In the city of sin it is common to see surreal weddings of all kinds, especially dressed as Elvis Presley and Marilyn. But now the latest trend is to do it in a Cheetos chapel. The famous snack brand recently opened its own chapel to celebrate a wedding entirely themed on Cheetos. From its popular orange color to its mascot Chester Cheetos as the wedding officiant. Last weekend was a true celebration of love, due to the Super Bowl. In addition to officiating weddings, it organized other immersive activities with the special Cheetos touch.

The Super Bowl is the most important sporting event in the United States. To celebrate it this past weekend, the Frito-Lay-owned brand has stepped up its activity in this original chapel, which also features a wedding limousine inspired by the Flamin’ Hot. In addition to preparing a host of immersive activities for the big soccer weekend, the big attraction at the Frito-Lay Chip Strip – located on the Las Vegas representation of the Brooklyn Bridge – was its chapel, which was the scene of a special wedding between two employees who fell in love while working at the company.

They tied the knot in front of a hologram of Chester Cheetos. But it was not the only wedding that has taken place in recent days, as other couples have passed through this chapel to say ‘yes, I do’. Of course, being a hologram, the weddings were not official, beyond a fun and original celebration.