Dolly Parton unveils collection of utensils inspired by her iconic legacy

A line designed by Lodge that includes a new collector’s item: a mini frying pan in the shape of a guitar.

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The Tennessee pan maker has sculpted this collection of cast iron pans that pay tribute to Parton’s music, her Tennessee heritage and her distinctive style that has shaped fashion history.

‘Each piece is made to last for generations,’ reads Lodge on its website. ‘With a naturally seasoned cooking surface made only with iron and oil, each piece is as cookable as it is collectible.’

The country star has just created a new material need for her community, expanding her culinary universe, after launching a baking line and a cookbook with her sister. Now, she presents the utensils with which to cook all her recipes, which are aesthetically inspired by ‘all the things that bring her joy, made in Tennesee, just like herself’, as she describes on her Instagram profile.

The collection includes a frying pan that takes on the shape of one of Parton’s acoustic guitars, adorned with butterfly wings inspired by Parton’s 1974 album ‘Love is Like a Butterfly’. Meanwhile, the larger piece features a smiling image of Parton over a Tennessee landscape with the phrase ‘I can see the light of a clear blue morning’, evoking a line from her 1977 song of the same name.

The latest creation is a mini frying pan in the shape of an acoustic guitar, with Parton’s signature reproduced in the centre, which completes this collection that will be available through Lodge’s online shop, as well as in Cracker Barrel restaurants.