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Nathy Peluso has just released her new single, ‘Tonta’ and, to celebrate it, she has visited a restaurant in Madrid twice (as she has repeated in the same place two days in a row). As a good foodie, the singer usually shares her favorite meals and restaurants. In her networks it is common to see dishes like pizza, pasta or Milanese. But on this occasion a curious dish called ‘Lechuga viva’ has caught her attention. In the video, Peluso can be seen explaining how to eat this healthy recipe. “I show it to you because you will love it. Look, it’s a live lettuce that they just took out of the pot and they served it to us with this dressing that has olive oil, anchovy, tomato and avocado. You take a couple of leaves and add the dressing”, says the artist. She liked this dish so much that she has repeated it two days in a row. Do you want to know in which restaurant in Madrid she has tried it?

It has become one of Nathy Peluso’s favorite restaurants, judging by her comments on social networks. It is the restaurant Casa Felisa and it is very close to Alonso Martínez. In its menu, besides being able to try its already famous ‘Lechuga viva with shallot vinaigrette, anchovies from Santoña, tomato and avocado’, for 16 €, you can also taste other delicacies such as the croissant sandwich in mold with lobster (38 €), which Nathy herself also ordered and enjoyed.

Casa Felisa defines itself as “a tribute to that little part of us that we all carry inside”. Based on good and traditional Madrilenian food, but with an eccentric touch, they serve exquisite dishes to enjoy good food. In addition to Nathy Peluso’s favorites, in this restaurant you should also try other options such as the Brioche bread sandwich with smoked sturgeon and veil of Iberian jowl, the Morrillo of pickled bull tuna with chickpeas in warm salad, the fried eggs with fried potatoes accompanied by different options, the Arroz a la llauna with beef chop 500 gr. alone or with help? or the Lasaña of chicken in pepitoria sauce, among other delicacies. In addition, they have an extensive menu (and wine cellar), which you will enjoy to the fullest.

Where? At Calle de la Beneficiencia, 15.

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