Dabiz Muñoz’s trick for super juicy russian steaks (designed for his daughter)

The chef from Madrid has shared a simple trick to turn Russian steaks into a very tasty dish.

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In addition to developing a creative cuisine that has elevated him to the Olympus of gastronomy with his restaurant DiverXO, Dabiz Muñoz has also demonstrated a gift for the most everyday recipes, such as the one he recently shared of Russian chicken fillets, a dish prepared expressly for his daughter Laia. The considered best chef in the world is a specialist in innovating and combining ingredients in a masterful way. Once again, Dabiz Muñoz has implemented a simple trick to prepare a very tasty meal that makes you want to replicate at home and is very easy.

On this occasion he has decided to share a recipe for Russian chicken fillets that he has prepared for his daughter Laia. The chef from Madrid comments in the video that he had previously cooked some chicken burgers, chopped with a knife by himself, but the meat was a little dry for the little girl. Therefore, Muñoz decided to prepare some Russian chicken fillets, the result of which was very juicy and tasty. “Laia is going to flip out,” explains Dabiz while tasting the meat.

Los jugosos filetes rusos de Dabiz Muñoz, gracias a su truco.
Así han quedado los filetes rusos jugosos de Dabiz Muñoz. Foto: Instagram.

The trick to get that juiciness is very easy. You just need to chop the chicken tenderloin with a knife and add oregano, nutmeg and a little garlic powder and, most importantly, take unsalted and unsweetened bread crumbs and soak them in oat milk. This way, the fillets stay as if they were a hamburger and almost a mousse, which you hardly have to chew because it melts in your mouth.

Did you know this trick of Dabiz Muñoz to turn a traditional recipe into a very tasty dish?