Crookie: this is the new viral combination of cookie and croissant (and this is how it’s prepared)

We have a new winning combination for those with a sweet tooth: cookie with croissant. What can go wrong?

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Croissants are one of the most popular pastries for making all kinds of sweet combinations. If a few weeks ago we talked about croffles, cronuts, cruffins or torrisants, today we bring a new elaboration that joins the list and is already causing a sensation in Paris. It is a mix between cookie and croissant, which the bakery Boulangerie Louvard launched in 2022 under the name Crookie and has become one of its star products. In addition, many gastro influencers have replicated the recipe.

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If you are a lover of cookies and croissants, Crookie is sure to be your new bakery of choice. As the bakery itself points out, it is not a revolutionary product, but it is very fun and delicious. At Boulangerie Louvard they prepare it with their award-winning pure butter croissant and a cookie dough that includes Xoco chocolate. The price of each Crookie is €7.1 (on the premises) and €5.9 to go.
Where? 11 Rue de Châteaudun, 75009 Paris, France

How to prepare Crookie at home

If you can’t travel to Paris, but you are curious to try this treat at home, some content creators have already shared the simple recipe to prepare the Crookie. You just need a croissant and make your cookie dough, to have it in balls and spread it on the bun. To do this, you must open the croissant in half, spread the cookie dough inside; then crown the sweet also with more dough. And finally, bake for about 10 minutes. It’s that easy!

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