Chef Mauro Colagreco will make magic again at El Silencio Ibiza

We spoke with the Argentinean chef about the inspiration, the concept and the new menus that he will deploy on the trendy seaside space designed by David Lynch.

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El Silencio reopens the doors of its beach club in Ibiza for the third consecutive year with two new restaurants run by iconic chef Mauro Colagreco: one Mediterranean-inspired and the other based on Japanese tradition.

The owner of the restaurant Mirazur in France, considered one of the best chefs in the world, with 3 Michelin stars and number 1 in the world according to the list The World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2019, will return to gastronomically run this beach bar installed in Cala Molí. A place that connects nature and art in a new version designed by the architecture studio Moredesign, with direct ocean views.

Colagreco’s gastronomic identity with which he is serving the future of cuisine, as a transforming and empowering agent of the environment, will once again represent the eternal connection he maintains with nature through his gastronomic creations in the new menus of El Silencio.


The Argentinean chef has designed a simple menu that will reflect his vision of the island through dishes such as stuffed piquillo peppers, grilled crab, Galician octopus or grilled Iberian pork feather. A proposal that will also include avant-garde interpretations of salads or vegetarian dishes such as lasagna, as well as wood-fired delicacies such as Saint Pierre a la ligure.

Through his two new menus, the chef will dilute all his inner world and his sustainable philosophy based on proximity, nature and local produce: “In general, in all my projects I have an approach related to nature, from Mirazur with our own gardens and the use of biodynamics, around which all our menus revolve”. For this occasion, the chef will incorporate local products such as fish from Mediterranean fisheries or vegetables from orchards and / or farms on the island.

In this sense, the product will be the backbone of all these creations that evolve from the garden to the plate, transforming over time through a menu that will change to adapt to the changing products of May, June, July, August and September.


Within this meeting place for artistic communities, the music, film and fashion industries, Colagreco’s gastronomic magic will continue to enchant diners with a Mediterranean-inspired menu in which the chef will evoke “the spirit of the beach, the feelings of summer and vacations with family and friends”. A whole maelstrom of emotions channeled through the aromas of grilled sardines or grilled meats that connect with his Argentinean roots and erect the art of grilling.

At nightfall, the second floor of El Silencio will become a Japanese restaurant guided by the omakase tradition, with a unique seven-course service for 30 guests. A menu in which they will work the best known of Japanese cuisine, as an elevated concept that will revolve mainly around sushi, with seasonal products and local fish with which the chef will return to break El Silencio one more season, making diners vibrate with their gastronomic and social experiences.