Cenador de Amós celebrates its 30+1 season with the ‘first regenerative uniform’ in haute cuisine and a spectacular menu

Jesús Sánchez’s restaurant celebrates more than 30 years with the ‘La Gran Experiencia’ menu and presents, together with Hemper, the first regenerative uniform, a sustainable initiative committed to the environment.

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“You will leave the world a little better, more sustainable”, is one of the slogans of Cenador de Amós. Under that premise, and taking advantage of the fact that Jesús Sánchez’s restaurant is celebrating its 30+1 season, it has joined forces with the Hemper brand to create the first regenerative uniform for haute cuisine. This is a sustainable and conscious initiative that aims to lay the foundations in the hospitality industry thanks to its firm commitment to the planet, culture and people.

This collaboration was born organically from values shared by both the restaurant and the textile firm. On the one hand, Cenador de Amós is committed to organic raw materials and puts special focus on preserving the health of the planet and the environment. On the other hand, Hemper is a regenerative fashion brand whose purpose is to create an industrial fabric around hemp, the most sustainable fiber on the planet, which contributes to the development of the most disadvantaged communities in Nepal, becoming a hemp producer led by the most vulnerable groups.

From this beautiful symbiosis have emerged the new pieces of the Cenador de Amós uniform. A jacket, a shirt and pants -along with accessories such as ties and scrunchies- made under the principle of mono-materiality, that is, the use of a single material that allows the future recycling of the garment to enhance its circularity. In this case, regenerative indigenous cotton and hemp, which come from natural fibers. All this artisanal process has been carried out in Nepal and has been circular, promoting the reduction of waste and reusing it for accessories.

“The uniform is a statement of principles, a symbol of our dedication to preserving natural resources and honoring the traditions that have shaped us. It is the harmony between functionality and beauty, between sustainability and style. This is a collaboration where the passion for the authentic comes together on every plate, in every seam,” explained Hemper CEO and founder Gloria Gubianas.

‘La Gran Experiencia’ by Jesús Sánchez

This great launch of the new regenerative uniforms has coincided with another very special date, its 30+1 anniversary. After more than three decades, Cenador de Amós wanted to organize a gastronomic experience that aims to be unforgettable. For this menu called ‘La Gran Experiencia’, chef Jesús Sánchez has designed a proposal that consists of 21 passes that will undoubtedly thrill the diner. An evening that is defined as “almost theatrical”, which will involve the five senses and will be cared for in detail so that the diner enjoys and is the real protagonist.

Suprema de pichón, su propio jugo y dados de remolacha.

“Our proposal is a combination of product, tradition, creativity, technique and passion for cooking,” said Jesús Sánchez. For this great experience, the chef has created a menu with new and surprising dishes such as ‘Cloud of peas and mint broth’, ‘Traditional Cantabrian stew and our interpretation’, ‘Cantabrian lobster, partridge broth, kohlrabi and fennel’, ‘Grouper and ‘ode to conger eel broth’ or ‘Marrow and almond, asparagus, mountain cheese and whey’. But he did not want to forget the great classics either. “This year we are once again reinventing the iconic Amós omelette recipe, with a new version that will leave no one indifferent, an exaltation of the omelette that can only be described as spectacular,” says the chef.

Bogavante del Cantábrico, caldo de perdiz, colinabo e hinojo.

The price of the menu ‘The Great Experience’ is 275 € and it is a unique opportunity to “look back, remember the past and look to the future”. You can book here.

Where is Cenador de Amós? Plaza del Sol s/n, 39793, Villaverde de Pontones (Cantabria)