Broccoli and chocolate bonbons, the peculiar combination for this Valentine’s Day

Here comes the healthiest snack to celebrate the romantic day. Would you try it?

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The most romantic week of the year is here and also the most gourmand one, due to the celebration of Valentine’s Day. During these days it is common to find dozens of bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates everywhere. Although most people love chocolates and chocolate, we should not abuse these sweets. But what if we told you that a healthy version of chocolates has been launched on the market that, in addition to chocolate, also contains broccoli? Perhaps this is not the ingredient you were expecting for a snack of this type.

The Tenderstem brand has launched a special box of chocolates called Tender-choc that are filled with an infusion of broccoli. As expected, this original and peculiar product is causing a sensation on social networks (for better and for worse). These chocolate bonbons are filled with a green ganache made from infused Tenderstem broccoli. A twist on the traditional gift of chocolates, what would happen if you gave these chocolate and broccoli chocolates for Valentine’s Day?