This is the amount of coffee you should drink to improve your productivity, according to a study

A survey of more than 2,000 office workers has revealed how much coffee you should drink every morning to have a productive day.

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If we asked you how many coffees you need to drink every morning to start your working day with energy, how much would you say? This has been one of the purposes of the company OnePoll, which, together with the brand Flavia, conducted a study with 2,050 American office workers to find out how much coffee they drank and how much they needed to have a productive day. One of the clearest findings was that the majority of respondents opted for coffee. In this case, more than 66% of the workers drank hot coffee in the morning, of which almost half could also opt for iced coffee.

Of course, the main time to drink it is first thing in the morning, as 59% of those surveyed stated. And here comes one of the most significant conclusions of this study: How much coffee do people need to feel productive? A large majority, specifically 77% of office workers, revealed that they needed two or more cups of coffee to start feeling that the day was really productive.

More coffee on Monday

In addition, the amount of caffeine also varies by day of the week. For example, nearly a quarter of respondents said they needed more coffee on Mondays, while 60% of workers turn to coffee when they need a quick pick-me-up during the workday.

Finally, another of the curious facts of the study was that many of the workers who come to the office (between two and three days on average), appreciate having free coffee in the office. And that is something that also helps to improve productivity, since going to a coffee shop to order a coffee takes an average of 16 minutes per visit, which translates into almost an hour a week and two days a year.

And you, how much coffee do you need to feel your productivity soar thanks to a good dose of caffeine? For the time being, drink at least two cups, as the study reveals.