Airheads unveils underwater vending machine

The candy brand plunges its snacks into the watery depths.

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Airheads brings its ‘soft, fun and extremely original’ sweets to the pool with a full-size underwater vending machine so swimmers can sample its fruity, sweet and sour combination while swimming.

While the logistics behind the machine may be controversial, as can be seen in an immersive video on their Instagram account, it works purely for fun. And it consists of the following: when the swimmer approaches and asks for a candy on its screen, it prompts them to perform a task in front of its camera, such as ‘drink tea’ or ‘do a backflip’ to pay for it. Once the requested action is completed, the machine shoots a candy through its ‘projectable candy hatch’.

The innovative candy machine, which can be placed at a depth of up to two and a half metres, was launched on 27 May in the United States to officially welcome the pool season. And although it sold out in just a few days, it is expected to be restocked this summer to satisfy the hunger of Airheads’ candy lovers and the extravagance of this $7,000 aquatic contraption.